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A system that manages as-built design information and is the authoritative source for the eBOM, changes, data package, design deviations, and usage.
See Also:
Product Data, Product Data Management, Lifecycle Data, Lifecycle Activity
Alternate Definitions:

MIL-STD-31000B - The process or system used for managing product related design, production and maintenance information. PLM systems are typically software applications designed for the purpose of lifecycle management of a product.

MBE Maturity Index - A PDM that extends the scope to include all product lifecycle activities (e.g., design, manufacturing, quality).

NAS 9300-007 - The tracking, control and status control of product data, either as files, or through a database. PLM extends the scope of PDM to include each physical product produced from a design, including deviations from the design and usage of the product.

CIMdata - A strategic business approach that applies a consistent set of business solutions in support of the collaborative creation, management, dissemination, and use of product definition information across the extended enterprise, and spanning from product concept to end of life—integrating people, processes, business systems, and information.