CIMdata - PLM GlossaryReference2022
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Digital Thread
The communication framework that allows a connected data flow and integrated view of an asset’s data (i.e., its Digital Twin) throughout its lifecycle across traditionally siloed functional perspectives.
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Digital Twin
A digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes, synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity.
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The process of moving from analog processes to digital processes, connecting data elements representing a product, managing configurations and their dependencies to transform business; moving to a digital business.
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A system that manages as-routed data and is the authoritative source for schedule, producer information, and cost.
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Integrates and manages simulation and analysis data and processes across the product development processes. ESM’s primary components include knowledge capture and replication and integrated simulation management. Also called Simulation Data Management or Simulation Lifecycle Management.
The manufacturing bill of materials reflects the manufacturing process of the product rather than the design of the product. mBOMs are typically driven by the eBOM and also include all items related to the end product, including packaging or shipping.
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A system that manages as-built manufacturing information and is the authoritative source for execution records, assembly records, non-conformance records, and dimensional inspection records. It most often captures real-time data.
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A system that manages as-planned data and is the authoritative source for the mBOM, inventory, and equipment.
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A methodology and system used to plan and manage manufacturing operations. The BOM for products released to manufacturing and the product routing definition are key parts of the MRP system’s database.
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Product Data Management
A system that manages as-designed data and is the authoritative source for the geometry, attributes, CAD BOM, and revision.
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A system that manages as-built design information and is the authoritative source for the eBOM, changes, data package, design deviations, and usage.
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Quality Assurance
A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide confidence that adequate technical requirements are established, that products and services conform to established technical requirements, and that satisfactory performance is achieved.
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Requirements Management
Gathering and managing user, business, technical, and functional requirements within a product development project. Four types of requirements must be considered: user requirements, business requirements, technical requirements, and process or operational requirements.
Service Bill of Material
The Service bill of material is the structure of the product, initially as it was built (the MBOM), but then modified as the product is installed and serviced in operation.
Simulation & Analysis
Modeling, exercising, and analyzing a design’s behavior without physically building the design. The simulator and simulation model have all the necessary attributes of the physical design.