MIL-STD-31000B : DOD Standard Practice Technical Data Packages
Viewing of 3D models for design reviews, cost estimating by suppliers, and other applications in which the fidelity of appearance but not a high degree of manufacturing accuracy are required. Once data has been translated to a form for visualization, it should no longer be used for manufacturing. Visualization formats include 3D PDF, Siemens PLM Software JT, Parametric Technologys Pro/View and Creo Visualization, and Autodesks DWF. Models used for visualization must look right and the annotations associated with them must be accurate. Visualization models are subject to the least stringent validation criteria because it will not be used for manufacturing or engineering changes.
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3D PDF, Model, Data, Annotation, Validation
Alternate Definitions:

MIL-STD-31000B - A 3D model whose primary purpose is to be viewed by people. Visualization models are often faceted representations and may not suitable for processing by computer applications such as analytical mesh generation, numerically controlled programming, or machine inspection.