Technical Data
DAU : DAU Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms
Recorded information of scientific or technical nature, regardless of form or character (such as equipment technical manuals and engineering drawings), engineering data, specifications, standards and Data Item Descriptions (DID). Data rights, data delivery, as well as use of any source controlled data as part of this element are included in technical data as are as maintained bills of material and system configuration identified by individual configuration item. Technical data does not include computer software or financial, administrative, cost or pricing, or management data or other information incidental to contract administration.
See Also:
Drawing, Data, Specification, Standard, Data Item Description, Bill of Materials, System
Alternate Definitions:

MIL-STD-31000B - Recorded information, regardless of the form or method of the recording, of a scientific or technical nature (including computer software documentation). The term does not include computer software or data incidental to contract administration, such as financial or management information. (DFARS Clause 252.227-7013).