ASME Y14.100 : Engineering Drawing Practices
Product Definition Data, Technical Data, Item, Feature, Drawing, Item. IdentificationIncludes materials, parts, components, subassemblies, assemblies, and equipment. The term product shall also encompass a family of products.
See Also:
Part, Subassembly, Assembly, End Item
Alternate Definitions:

AS9102B - Any intended output resulting from the product realization process, which in the context of this standard includes finished detailed parts, sub-assemblies, assemblies, forgings, and castings.

ISO 10303-1 - thing or substance or information produced by a process

Note 1 to entry: Note to entry: In ISO 10303, it is common to include a product that is not a physical thing or substance, but that is information (e.g., a computer-interpretable model).

DAU - The result of research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) in terms of hardware or software being produced (manufactured). Also known as an end item. The item stipulated in a contract to be delivered under the contract (i.e., service, study, or hardware).

NAS 9300-007 - In general aerospace usage during the design phase, Part, Item and Article are treated as synonyms referring to unitary parts or simple assemblies that are treated as a single unit, such as composite material part or an electrical connector. The term Product tends to be used to refer to something that is complex and deliverable, such as an airplane. In ISO 10303, Product is the general class of any deliverable, from individual components upwards, and allows for the fact that even a simple bolt is the product of a bolt manufacturer. ISO 10303-239 (PLCS) uses Part as a subtype of Product to identify the design of a physically realizable component or assembly, as distinct from other subtypes such as Product Breakdown or Interface. It also uses the term Product as realised to distinguish a physical realization of a design from the design itself. That is, the terminology is context sensitive. Since the initial focus of LOTAR was the design phase for the manufacturers of aircraft and aircraft engines, the terminology follows the general aerospace usage.

MBE Maturity Index - An item intended for a customer.