QIF - Quality Information FrameworkReference2018
An Integrated Model for Manufacturing Quality Information and a Unified XML Framework Standard for CAD Quality Measurement Systems.

It is an ANSI accredited standard which supports Digital Thread concepts in engineering applications ranging from product design through manufacturing to quality inspection. Based on XML, the QIF standard contains a Library of XML Schema ensuring both data integrity and data interoperability in Model Based Enterprise implementation.

Actual Component
a physical instance of a component

Note 1 to entry: By analogy to a car, the design of a wheel is a part; the design of the wheel placed at the front right of the design of a car is a component; the front right wheel of a physical car is an actual component.

A number of parts or combination thereof that are joined together to perform a specific function and subject to disassembly without degradation of any of the parts (e.g., power shovel-front, fan assembly, audio- frequency amplifier). NOTE: The distinction between an assembly and a subassembly is determined by individual application. An assembly in one instance may be a subassembly in another instance where it forms a portion of a higher assembly.
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Assembly Path
a sequence with an id of the ids of components

Note 1 to entry: An assembly path shows where in an assembly design a specific instance of a part design or a subassembly design is located

Bill of Characteristics
a list of all the characteristics applied to a product.
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a control placed on an element of a feature such as its size, location or form, which may be a specification limit, a nominal with tolerance, a feature control frame, or some other numerical or non-numerical control.
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Characteristic Item
a tolerance or specification applied to a feature or product that needs verification
related to shape information

EXAMPLE points, curves, surfaces, and volumes

Geometric Characteristic
a concept characterizing the size, form, orientation or location of a feature or of a component of a feature

EXAMPLE diameter, flatness, parallelism, or position.

a measurement of characteristics on a physical part to determine whether the features are within allowed tolerance, commonly in order to accept or reject the part
Inspection Traceability
Information about the circumstances of a quality measurement process
Key Characteristic
a characteristic of a feature, material, process, or part whose variation has a significant influence on product fit/function, safety/compliance, performance, service life, or manufacturability
Manufacturing Traceability
information about the circumstances of a manufacturing process.
an estimate of a dimension associated with a feature or features on a physical part generated using a physical device
Measurement Device
a measurement resource that provides an indication for a dimensional characteristic of a workpiece

Note 1 to entry: This indication may either be a value (variables) or simply conformance (attributes).

Measurement Plan
a complete plan that contains information on what and how to measure
Measurement Resource
a piece of dimensional metrology equipment that can be used to measure features and/or characteristics on a workpiece
Measurement Result
the measured value of an actual feature or characteristic

Note 1 to entry: A measurement result is obtained by measuring a feature or characteristic with a measurement resource.

One item, or two or more items joined together, that is not normally subject to disassembly without destruction or impairment of designed use (e.g., transistor, composition resistor, screw, transformer, and gear).
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3D annotations (dimensions and tolerances), metadata, notes and attributes needed to define the product beyond the 3D geometry.
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QIF Persistent Identifier
a standard universally unique identifier used in QIF
The formal process by which a manufacturers product is examined for compliance with the procurement requirements of a source control drawing to approve the manufacturer as a source of supply.
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Work Instruction
information that provides instructions about actions or action methods to be used in executing a measurement plan