ISO 10303-242 - Industrial automation systems and integration — Product data representation and exchange — Part 242: Application protocol: Managed model-based 3D engineeringReference2022
Industrial Automation Systems And Integration - Product Data Representation And Exchange -

This document specifies the application module for AP242 managed model based 3D engineering.

The following are within the scope of this document:

- products of automotive, aerospace and other mechanical manufacturers and of their suppliers, including parts, assemblies of parts, tools, assemblies of tools, and raw materials;

- engineering and product data for the purpose of long-term archiving and retrieval;

- product data management

- process planning

- mechanical design

- message

- mating

- kinematics

- analysis management

- composite design

- electrical harness assembly design

- additive manufacturing part design

- requirements management

Saved View
A stored and retrievable specific orientation and a magnification factor of a model or design model and may be a view within a model or a view generated from the model and placed in a drawing graphic sheet (ASME Y14.3).
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Supplemental Geometry
Geometric elements included in product definition data to communicate design requirements but not intended to represent a portion of an item.
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