ASME Y14.47 - Model Organization PracticesReference2023
This Standard is intended to be the foundation for design development efforts in a model-based enterprise (MBE). This Standard establishes a framework for organizing a three-dimensional (3D) model and other associated information within the context of a digital product definition data set for the purpose of conveying a product definition that enables an MBE. It outlines model organization framework practices to support model-based definition (MBD) and provides a set of requirements and guidelines for the computer-aided design (CAD) user. This Standard contains no requirements pertaining to drawing graphic sheets. The 3D model is a master source for obtaining product definition data and eliminates the need for a drawing graphic sheet.

The organization practices defined by this Standard are necessary to establish a common method to facilitate access to the MBD data in the data set. While the focus of this Standard is initially on mechanical items, the intent is to provide a foundation for use in any discipline. The framework is compliant with an annotated model defined in ASME Y14.41.

The completeness level of the annotations and attributes of an annotated model that are used to define an item.
Geometry State
The level of detail of the geometry as represented in a model.
Maturity State
The condition of the design maturity for the specified use of the data set within the product life cycle.
Metadata Elements
Organizational elements that capture data providing information about a product definition data set.
Model-Based Definition
An annotated model and its associated data that define the product in a manner that can be used effectively without a drawing graphic sheet.
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Model-Based Enterprise
An organization that uses digital methodologies as the foundation to enable deployment of products from concept to disposal.
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Organizational Element
A nongeometric model element selected for organization or grouping by a standardized method.
Organizational Method
A non-geometric model element selected for organization by a standardized method.
The manner in which information is displayed for use by a human.
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Presentation State
A retrievable collection or set of model display elements arranged for formal display to the viewer.
The manner in which information is stored for interpretation by a machine.
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Saved View
A stored and retrievable specific orientation and a magnification factor of a model or design model and may be a view within a model or a view generated from the model and placed in a drawing graphic sheet (ASME Y14.3).
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