ASME Y14.34 - Associated ListsReference2018
This Standard establishes the requirements for associated lists and ties them together with the engineering drawing and related documentation practices in the Y14 series. It is not the intent of this Standard to be a stand-alone document. An accurate perception of associated lists practices is derived by treating ASME Y14.34, ASME Y14.100, ASME Y14.24, and ASME Y14.35M as a composite set.
Associated List
A tabulation of engineering information pertaining to an item depicted on an engineering drawing or by a set of drawings, e.g., application list, data list, index list, parts list, and wire list.
Alternate Definitions ->
Integral Parts List
A parts list prepared and revised as part of an engineering drawing.
Parts List
A tabulation of all parts and bulk materials used in the item(s), except those materials that support a process and are not retained, such as cleaning solvents and masking materials. NOTE: Other terms used to describe a parts list are list of materials, bill of materials, stock list, and item list.
A document recognized as the authority for making a change to a drawing or associated documentation. Revision authorization documents are frequently identified by terms such as alteration notice (AN), advance drawing change notice (ADCN), change in design (CID), drawing change notice (DCN), engineering change notice (ECN), engineering change order (ECO), engineering notice (EN), engineering order (EO), or notice of revision (NOR) (see ASME Y14.35).
Separate Parts List
A parts list prepared as a document separate from the engineering drawing to which it is associated, and one that may be revised independently of the drawing.